Announcing Our Partnership with Wakefern

For any kid who grew up in the New York Metro area in the (read: me!), when we hear “ShopRite” we immediately start singing the can-can jingle. It’s iconic. ShopRite is iconic. Which is just part of the reason why we were so very thrilled to announce last week that we joined forces with ShopRite’s parent company, Wakefern, to roll out ShopRite across our shoppable recipe network.

Now, when you browse Chicory’s network of recipes and sites, ShopRite will appear as an option. With a few clicks, you can send all of the recipe ingredients you need to cook that recipe straight into a ShopRite online shopping cart.


ShopRite’s team helped us with an added step, which allows shoppers to choose their preferred ShopRite location. You can choose your local ShopRite within Chicory’s shopping widget. Then, walk through the steps of sending items into your online cart, checking out, and heading to pick up your items or have them delivered on your preferred schedule!

As a “gifted” retailer on Supermarket News’ ranking of online grocery providers, ShopRite is dedicated to offering unique and extremely well-executed service to its customers. We’re proud to partner with the Wakefern team (and can’t wait to take advantage of the next can-can sale using Chicory!).

To read our official press release about the partnership, click here.