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With Chicory, take your recipe site from simply a content hub and transform it into a one-stop cooking destination for your readers.

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With our Recipe Activation product, recipe sites can turn their entire recipe catalogue into an ecommerce experience. Activate your readers and deepen your reader engagement with Chicory's core technology.

  • We'll automatically detect your recipe content and place our technology below the ingredient list

  • Found currently on over 1,200 recipe sites

  • Retailer integrations cover 40% of US zips, and growing

  • Available through Mediavine Publisher Dashboard

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Chicory's flagship advertising product reaches grocery shoppers as they browse their favorite recipes. We will automatically detect ingredients in your recipes that are relevant to our campaigns and insert a message to help your readers learn more about new products or, even, buy that item right away.

  • Earn money every time a Premium ad appears in your recipes

  • We send notifications before we launch a new campaign, so you'll always know what's running on your site

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Our publishers have access to a dashboard that updates daily, and offers visibility into your Chicory metrics, from button engagements to ad earnings.

  • Adjust advertisement settings

  • Track daily impressions and performance