Here at Chicory, we love recipes. We love that they keep you company after a long day at work or that they can literally put a cherry on top of a special holiday meal. Online recipes take that up a notch. As we swipe and push "like" on food content all day, recipes have become integral to the modern grocery shopping journey.

But we think that they can do even more. That’s why we started Chicory. It's time to disrupt the grocery industry through the power of online recipes.

At the heart of our company lies our "Get Ingredients" button. With a click, this button allows consumers to get all the ingredients delivered from various grocers across the country. Today, Chicory works with leading grocery partners like Peapod and top food media companies like Time, Inc. as well as 800+ food blogs in order to revolutionize the way people interact with food online.

Meet the Team

Yuni Sameshima

CEO and Co-Founder

Yuni is the CEO at Chicory. He is in charge of making sure that the company is successful and leads strategic planning initiatives on a day-to-day basis. Prior to Chicory, Yuni worked in the food and venture space having worked at Chobani as well as ff Venture Capital. He graduated from Colgate University with a degree in Molecular Biology.

Yuni loves popcorn and frequently eats an entire bucket at the movie theater.

Joey Petracca

COO and Co-Founder

Joey Petracca is the COO and Co-Founder of Chicory where he leads business development, sales, and operations to keep the dream alive! Before working at Chicory, Joey studied history at Colgate University. His senior honor's thesis was something really boring like "Reflections on the Reign of Terror: A Discursive Analysis of Political Power, Its Origins and Effects" but he was mostly working on Chicory at the time so the thesis wasn't very good.

Joey is passionate about all things bivalve and volunteers with the Billion Oyster Project in NYC. Joey's perfect dish is "clams casino" but only if he caught the clams himself.


Hillary Reeves

Director of Integrated Marketing

Hillary Reeves is the Marketing Manager at Chicory where she oversees publisher acquisition, partnerships, and other strategic plans for growth. Prior to her work at Chicory, she spent five years working in theatrical marketing for productions and companies like the New Victory Theater and the Metropolitan Opera. She also spent time working in editorial food roles at publications like Good Housekeeping and Food Network Magazine. She graduated with a degree in English and Theology from Fordham University. You can find her food blog online at

Hillary loves mayonnaise and one time she auditioned to be on a baking reality TV show.

Emil Diaz

VP of Technology

Emil Diaz is Chicory's VP of Technology where he oversees all technology and infrastructure systems. He is a graduate of Columbia University. Prior to Chicory worked in both the financial services industry and at other startups. When he's not learning about new technologies you can find him running obstacle races or roaming the west coast in search of fish tacos.


Amanda Silver

Publisher Development Manager

Amanda Silver is a Marketing Associate at Chicory where she assists in managing publisher relationships, acquisition and maintaining Chicory's social media channels. Before working for Chicory, she attended Manhattanville College where she studied communications and marketing. 

Amanda spends her free time binge watching everything on Netflix and is arguably the best ping pong player on the East Coast. 

Rob Behnke

Senior Account Executive

Rob Behnke leads sales at Chicory, managing all new and current business initiatives relating to advertising brands. Rob is an entrepreneurial-minded leader, having started and ran an organic food brand as well as an iOS music app technology company.  He also has 5+ years of managing sales for AdTech companies.  When he isn't building businesses or sales pipelines, he's writing and performing music under the moniker, "The Blue and Red." You can listen to The Blue and Red's latest record onSpotify or hear his audio notebook on SoundCloud.


Taylor Stewart

Senior Account Manager

Taylor Stewart is the Sr. Account Manager at Chicory, running all of our campaigns, customer growth, and keeping our clients happy. Before Chicory, he spent 4+ years in the AdTech space working with clients to manage their RTB campaigns, and programmatic strategy for advertisers and agencies.

Taylor graduated from Vassar College with a degree in Media Studies and several technical qualifications such as: landscape painting, experimental creative writing, and analog photography. In his free time, Taylor is an avid soccer player and fitness fanatic, crafting healthy, protein packed recipes while dreaming of pizza. He is the self-proclaimed preeminent 30 Rock scholar in the US.

Asaf Klibansky

Senior Software Engineer

Asaf is a Senior Software Engineer at Chicory, where he works to design, build and scale our application. He has over 15 years of software development experience and has a passion for figuring out how things work.

In his free time he likes to bake bread and desserts--and is guilty of eating most of them himself.


As Seen In...

Chicory is a New York-based food technology company. Founded in 2014, our core team has built out complex technologies that enable us to connect recipe websites with online grocers in order to make recipes shoppable. With Chicory's "Get Ingredients" button, online recipe readers can, with a click, get all of the ingredients that they need to cook nutritious recipes that they find on over 800 Chicory-enabled recipe websites. Chicory works with leading grocery partners like Peapod and top food media companies like Time, Inc. in order to revolutionize the way people interact with food online.

Chicory's proprietary technology, understands recipe data like never before. While most recipe content online is unstructured, Chicory not only understands where all of the ingredients on a page fall, but we also know which products match that ingredient in the store. With this technology, we've been able to gain insight on how shoppers use and read online recipes.

Launched in 2015, Chicory has also built a suite of advertising technology products that have helped major clients like Mondelez or Chobani reach shoppers in innovative ways. With our previously mentioned technology, we can help CPG brands reach the exact readers who are looking for their products. Every day, Chicory activates millions of recipes and turns more of that content into reality.

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