Chicory is a technology company based in NYC that creates media and ecommerce solutions for the grocery industry.

In 2014, Chicory launched its core product, the "Get Ingredients" button, which allows consumers to get online recipe ingredients delivered from various grocers and retailers.

Within two years, Chicory added over 1,000 recipe partners and became the largest shoppable recipe network in the country. They launched an advertising platform in 2016, leveraging their network to help food brands reach consumers who are in-market for grocery and CPG products.

Today, Chicory reaches approximately 80 million unique monthly users and has partnered with companies like Peapod, Time, Inc. and General Mills International to lay the groundwork for the future of grocery.


60 Broad Street

25th Floor, Suite 2508

New York, NY 10004


What We Value

Chicory is on a mission to challenge the business-as-usual mentality in the grocery industry. We believe that it's time to bring efficiency and transparency to grocery shopping and we achieve this by keeping engineering as our backbone and innovation at our core.

Our History

Today, we are a venture-backed startup in New York City, at the forefront of creating distributed digital grocery shopping experiences. But our founders' initial vision was simply to make mealtime a more doable task--to turn "more recipes into reality." They came up with our "Get Ingredients" button as students on their upstate New York college campus and built a prototype. Within five years, Chicory has made over 3.6 million recipes shoppable on over 1,000 recipe websites and is now the largest shoppable recipe network in the world.

Our Future

The future of Chicory is the future of grocery. We now approach every problem with the same vision our founders had in the early days. It's important for us to always be working toward a more efficient, more connected food future as we create the infrastructure for grocery ecommerce transactions to take place across the web.

Our Team


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