SEO Advice For Food Bloggers

There is nothing better than being searchable. These articles will help you to brainstorm and plan out your rise to the top of Google's search results because, for the most part, people don't go to page ten to look for a recipe. Help establish yourself as a thought leader and someone who provides trustworthy content. LET'S DO THIS!

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is one of our favorite tools here at Chicory. You enter your keyword and Answer The Public shows you what people are searching for, usually incorporating that keyword. For example, if you enter potato chips and change your location to US you can see people are searching for "what potato chips are non gmo?" or "are potato chips unhealthy?". You can even export the information to a CSV (amazing we know)! This tool will help you nail down exactly how people will end up on your recipe or what keywords you should be including in your post to ensure that you are reaching the right audience. 

Why Text Structure Is Important For SEO

In this Yoast article, learn the difference between how readers scan your text and how Google performs that same task. Make sure your header, first paragraph, and the first sentence in each paragraph is working to better your SEO and helping to draw in new readers. 

10 Food Blog SEO tips from Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Bjork from Pinch Of Yum/Food Blogger Pro takes Moz's Beginner’s Guide to SEO and pulls ten pieces of information that he found important and applied it directly to food blogs. Genius! Based off of these ten facts it's safe to say that creating engaging content is more helpful for your SEO, especially long term, than a quick tip or trick.  

What is SEO/Search Engine Optimization?

Do you REALLY understand SEO? If you're thinking "I know some areas better than others," or you just want a refresher, Search Engine Land is the holy grail of SEO information. This particular post links out to all of their SEO guides and expert advice. 

2016 SEO Checklist

Back in January we created an SEO checklist to help those of you with a resolution of "bettering your blog" start on the right foot. Though these articles may have been published a few months ago, the advice is timeless. Look back at this round up, gather all your resources, and get crackin'! Learn more about backlinks, UX, bounce rates and performing content audits for you site. 

Inbound Link Building 101: 33 White Hat Ways to Build Backlinks for SEO

Think you just created one of your best recipes ever? Maybe ask a blogger friend to share it on their site and you'll do the same for them down the road. HubSpot goes above and beyond with this article by providing 33 tips for using backlinks, which can do a great service when helping you climb your way up in Google's search results. Full disclosure: not all 33 tips will apply to food blogging, but with a little creativity we think that they can be spun to work for your food blog. A key take away: remember that you need to give in order to get.