The Best Photography Resources for Food Bloggers

Photography isn't something you become good at overnight (not even close) and it's not a skill that you're necessarily born with. But it IS something that helps blogs, particularly food blogs, stand out. In order for your site to grow, you've got to get those pictures circulating around the internet (thank you Pinterest). So, whether you consider yourself a beginner at photography or just want a brush up, these resources will get you reinvigorated and keep you productive during that dreaded summer traffic slump

The Serious Eats Guide to Food Photography

This article really covers it all. I might even so far as to call it the holy grail of deciding how to step up your game. Serious Eats, dives into things like shutter speed, ISO, the rule of thirds and so much more. If you just read that and said "huh?" then this is a must-read!

5 (More) Food Photography Props You Already Own

There is no such thing as too many props. And there is definitely no such thing as too many FREE props. Claire, of The Simple Sweet Life, shares a few ideas for props that you probably already have around the house which are sure to make your photos stand out. (Some ideas even come from that pile of dirty dishes! One man's trash...)

The Secret To Finding the Hero Angle in Food Photography

Identifying your OK, better and "hero" shot is key. The Digital Photography School identifies a principle true to all photography and applies it to, well, taking pictures of your food! Think about things like height and layers while setting up your props. This will help determine the angles from which you should be shooting your latest recipe.


Nagi from Recipe Tin Eats, is pretty much a photog super star. Using a human as a resource for a round up may seem a bit bizarre, but to me there is NO better resource then having an actual human to turn to! Her Snapchat stories walk through her "photoshoots," giving tips and tricks along the way--you may even get some prop inspo and you will definitely get some life FOMO (her adorable golden retriever makes many cameos and you can see the Sydney seaside from her window). And HELLO, she has a food photography book

Food Photography Tips For Food Bloggers

So, you're ready to start kickin' butt with your new-found photography skills! When you're ready to move away from a point-and-shoot camera and have more control over your camera's settings, Kate, of Cookie and Kate, is here to help. She helps recommend cameras, lenses, reflectors, and her favorite software.