Making Email Work For Your Blog

Hello again! It's time for another round up. This time around, we're sharing our favorite resources about email. You know, that thing that stresses you out constantly, but is actually an incredibly important tool for marketing, networking, and getting s#!t done. 

Take some time to look at your own email plan: are you welcoming your subscribers? Are they engaging with your content? Are you organizing your inbox so that you are more efficient? Email is a tool that can help your blog grow quickly while also building out a community of people who love you and your content. 

Surprise! Millennials Love Email Just As Much As Everybody Else

People have very strong feelings on millennials. You either love them or you hate them. If you love them, you are wondering how to attract them to your site/how to get in touch with them. This article found on Litmus, discusses the theory that, while millennials still use email (contrary to popular belief), they use it differently. Click to understand exactly how things differ for the next gen.

041: Ninja Email Marketing for Bloggers with Barry Moore from The Active Marketer

We love Food Blogger Pro's podcast and they recently did an episode about email marketing including some awesome tactics that you should be using to engage with your readers. Barry Moore, from The Active Marketer, walks listeners through the steps they should be taking during outreach, who they should email, and what they should be saying. Never heard of segments or tags? You should definitely give this a listen. 

How to Take Back Your Email Inbox

We do a ton of emailing here at Chicory. My inbox receives hundreds of emails a week with all different types of questions and inquires. I have to admit, at times it's extremely difficult to stay on top of all the emails, but I've found ways to make myself more productive and more organized. These tips will not only help you feel like you can tackle all those unread emails, but one tip may just save you from sending an email with a typo!

3 ways to increase your email response rate so you're not always left waiting

Putting in a bit more time and effort may help you hear back from the people you are trying to reach. According to Mashable, adding extra value to your email can boost up your response rate and makes your readers feel that you are interested in helping them, rather than just pitching your own content.  

7 Great Examples of "Welcome" Emails to Inspire Your Own Strategy

Someone signed up for your email newsletter. AWESOME. Now what? Hubspot provides some awesome examples of welcome emails that some big companies are sending to their subscribers. P.S. There are tons of tools out there like SendWithUs, that you can use to make pretty, transactional welcome emails. We know you can do it!