FAQs for New Mediavine/Chicory Partners

We're thrilled today to share our new partnership news. Chicory has partnered with Mediavine, a publisher network that helps bloggers (in particular, food bloggers) optimize the advertising space on their sites. Chicory will be included in their suite of advertising products, enabling hundreds of bloggers to activate Chicory on their sites seamlessly and effectively. 

As a result, we realize lots of new Chicory users will be finding us for for the first time, so we put together this list of new publisher FAQs for our new Mediavine friends. Getting started with Chicory? Here are some questions you might have:

Why isn't the button appearing on my site?

Are you using a plugin (like EasyRecipe) or a tool like recipeSEO to markup your recipes according to SEO-friendly guidelines? Our technology relies on this type of "formatting" to determine where your ingredients fall on the page. If you aren't using this formatting, or maybe aren't sure if you are, let us know! We can help you figure out how to implement this important feature on your blog.

If you are already marking up your recipes, it does take a moment or two for the "Get Ingredients" button to appear. Hang tight! If everything is working fine you'll receive an email when your first recipe publishes, usually within a few minutes of installation.

Additionally, our team reviews newly activated blogs on a daily basis. If there is a different issue with your Chicory integration, we likely are reviewing it as you speak. But you are welcome to email amanda@chicory.co to check on how things are going.

Can I see how Chicory is performing on my site? 

Yes! Just like all of Mediavine's third-party integrations (GumGum, ZergNet) we will appear in the "settings" portion of your Mediavine dashboard. Here you can toggle on/off your Chicory integration. Once Chicory is turned on, you can review Chicory performance (button impressions, earnings, eCPM rate) along with your other Mediavine ad units.

When/How will I receive payments from Chicory?

All of your earnings from Chicory will be paid to you through Mediavine, on Mediavine's schedule. Please direct payment questions to Mediavine. That said, if you feel like perhaps you aren't seeing the appropriate number of button impressions/earnings in your dashboard, please email Chicory and cc publishers@mediavine.com so that we can review your account and make sure everything is running as it should be!