How to Shop for Avocados Online

What happens when the number one selling avocado brand in the U.S. partners with Chicory? You guessed it — hundreds of recipes from a fresh produce brand become shoppable. And that brand is Avocados From Mexico.

Why is this news?

Because hardly ever do we see fresh produce brands make breakthrough investments like this in ecommerce. In fact, Avocados From Mexico is Chicory’s first and only fresh produce brand to provide shoppable recipes on its recipe hub.

AFM Chicory Shoppable Recipe Center copy.png

So, while we’ve partnered with other companies like Campbell’s and General Mills to make their recipes shoppable, the products they sell are mostly pantry items, which are more commonly bought online.

And, honestly — we get it.


We understand it’s common to feel reluctant about purchasing perishable items online because we’re trained to treat produce shopping like gold mining. You pick up each avocado, squeeze it, analyze the color, and maybe hold it up to the light to see it glisten. But we’re not asking consumers to make blind purchases. We’re connecting them with the brands they’re gold mining for.

With our technology, consumers now have the ability to add all of Avocados From Mexico’s recipe hub ingredients straight to their online shopping carts at a variety of the country’s leading online grocery providers like Instacart, Peapod, and AmazonFresh, among others. As a result, over 70% of U.S. households can have their favorite avocados delivered right to their door.

Try it for yourself! Make a Beet and Avocado Salad or a Chicken Asparagus Salad with Poached Eggs.

As part of its ecommerce initiative, Avocados from Mexico also launched its “Salads Hub,” a creative digital space where shoppers can access delicious salad-making possibilities. After guacamole, salads are the second most popular usage for avocados, and the hub provides tons of meal inspiration. (Instagram worthy meal inspo might we add.)

Plus, Avocados From Mexico partnered with Fresh Gourmet and the Incredible Egg, connecting shoppers with products from these brands as well.

Why lift a finger when you can simply press a button?