Chicory Announces New Collaboration with The Trade Desk

Deterministic Grocery Shopper and Purchase Intent Data Will Become Directly Integrated into The Trade Desk Dashboard

Chicory, the premier technology company that uses artificial intelligence to create digital grocery shopping experiences, announced today that it has partnered with The Trade Desk, Inc (NASDAQ: TTD), a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, to provide deterministic recipe data to all of the platform’s clients. Directly integrated in The Trade Desk platform, Chicory’s data provides a real-time way of sourcing grocery shopper and grocery purchase intent data instead of the traditional past purchase methods.

“Chicory’s in-market audiences reflect real customer habits and actual engagement with relevant recipe ingredients along their path to purchase,” said Yuni Sameshima, Chicory CEO and Co-Founder. “By partnering with The Trade Desk, Chicory now provides clients with real-time grocery and purchase intent data, or data that reflects which ingredients and recipes are relevant to consumers at a specific time.”

Chicory's proprietary AI and machine learning technology, which emulates the human ability to decipher among recipes, ingredients and products, analyzes user traffic patterns within the company’s recipe network. By analyzing these shopper behaviors and seasonal trends, Chicory’s cutting-edge technology is able to determine which recipes and ingredients correlate to specific audiences and retail behavior and how these behaviors differ seasonally. This information allows brand and account managers the opportunity to layer on Chicory’s data for improved targeting on any campaign that needs to reach grocery shoppers, improving their overall ROI.

“Actual, intent-driven data helps our customers coordinate their messaging across all devices with even more precision and accuracy,” said David Danziger, VP of Data Partnerships. “Chicory’s in-market audiences enhance this ability for our clients, increase the campaign relevancy for advertisers, and improve the experience for consumers.”

Chicory continues to carve out its niche as one of the premier providers of real-time data sourcing. In contrast to traditional data providers, Chicory does not rely on modeling or large swaths of demographic groups in order to generalize consumer interest. Instead, clients can utilize Chicory’s AI-powered technology to target in-market grocery shoppers who have engaged with an ingredient or recipe that’s relevant to their brand.