Announcing Chicory's Click-to-Cart Technology

Chicory, the premier technology company that uses artificial intelligence to create digital grocery shopping experiences, today announced the launch of their Click-to-Cart technology, making their full suite of advertising solutions, shoppable. This new technology differs from similar technologies in that Chicory’s offering sends promoted products directly to the consumer’s cart at a selected retailer, reducing touch points along the path-to-purchase.

In an effort to create more integrated digital shopping experiences, Chicory’s Click-to-Cart technology can prompt shoppers to add one item or a full basket of pre-selected SKUs to an online shopping cart, with a single click of one of the company’s shoppable ads. Click-to-Cart can be layered onto any of Chicory’s advertising solutions, including social media campaigns and video, providing a truly omnichannel solution for CPG advertisers.

“We are seeing a change in the way consumers are shopping as they move from brick and mortar retail to online, which, in turn, changes the way brands can advertise,” said Yuni Sameshima, Chicory CEO and Co-Founder. “Grocery isn’t about buying individual items, it is about creating consumer solutions. Shoppers don’t go to stores for one jar of peanut butter, they go to stores to stock up for their back-to-school lunches. That understanding guided our thought process in creating this digital solution for brands, to help our partners and clients pair their digital advertising with effective, actionable calls-to-action across the web.”

The click-to-cart ads can also be retailer specific or retailer agnostic. This unique option allows for truly tailored advertising campaigns based on selected goals. For retailer-specific ads, brands and retailers can control whether or not they would like to the shoppable ads to be sent to the consumer’s shopping cart at a specific place or location. Conversely, retailer-agnostic ads, the consumer can select which retailer or online store they prefer or is most convenient for them.

Chicory’s Click-to-Cart is backed by the same AI and machine learning processes that powers its distributed grocery ecommerce experiences on over 1,000 recipe websites.