4 Photo Editing Apps that Could Actually Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Whether you are a personal blog, a small business, or just someone who enjoys keeping their Instagram looking fresh, these photo editing apps can help take your page to a new level.

One of the most common “first tips” for gaining a following and for building better engagement is to post quality content! People like to see visually clear, colorful, crisp photos on their feed - with the right amount of negative space vs. subject. But you don’t need to go to school for photography to take great photos. You don’t even need a professional camera. While those things won’t hurt, you can create beautiful, memorable photos that tell a compelling story by just using your smart phone and these great editing apps.


A blogger staple! Many of your favorite accounts are probably using VSCO to give their photos a signature fade, contrast and moody feel. Each filter was designed to highlight specific tones and hues, and there are plenty to choose from. The app is free, with several in-app purchases available for extra filters. C1 and A6 are favorites.


If you’re not a fan of VSCO, Afterlight is another free photo editing tool that provides an even wider selection of dreamy filters. The app is also praised for it’s sharpening and highlight tool, which varies slightly from those on VSCO or in the Instagram photo editor itself. Another great feature of Afterlight is the custom filter tool which records each edit you make to create your own unique filters. This way, if you’re always using the "Idaho" filter with a layer of "Coral" and a negative 26 exposure, the app will save this for you in a filter that you can name and use again and again.


Another favorite of instagrammers and professional photographers alike, Snapseed was named #1 by iPhone Photography School in their 2016 lineup. Snapseed is all-purpose and multi functional, with basic tools for enhancing light, detailing, rotating, and adding filters. What makes this app stand out is it’s selective tool which allows the user to pick a specific area of the photo to add or subtract all of the aforementioned edits. The app has also recently added a text tool (self explanatory), and a facial recognition filter which intelligently edits the photo to make faces pop.


If you’re someone who likes to share quotes, advice, or advertise events through Instagram, WordSwag is for you. We’ve all seen instaposts about “Fri-Yay” and “Thinking Good Thoughts” so they shine out of your face… but they get kind of boring after a while, don’t they? That’s because most users recycle the same popular typography photos they see getting the most engagement. Rather than do that, why not make your own? WordSwag enables you put your quote, your text, or your advertisement onto pictures from your camera roll. Have a dreamy, moody photo of a cityscape from VSCO app? A vibrant shot of your morning coffee? Upload it to WordSwag and have fun with the countless fonts and layouts that the app has to play with. If you prefer a plain background, WordSwag also includes several simple backdrops including marble, wood, and landscape. This is truly an app you can spend hours in. The possibilities are really endless for creating an aesthetically pleasing text-gram!