Freshop and Foodtown Launch with Chicory’s Shoppable Recipes

It’s been a busy summer of behind-the-scenes movement here at Chicory. We expanded our office (pics to come!!), grew our team, made some major product updates, and more! But most fun for us New Yorkers has been the launch of a number of new local grocers in our shoppable recipe user experience.

First we’ll talk Foodtown. Personally, I love Foodtown. It was essentially the community center for me and all of my fellow dog owners when I lived in Sunnyside, Queens. We all regularly caught up at the deli counter and then hauled bags and bags of groceries back to our fifth floor walk-ups. So, when they launched their grocery delivery options, you can imagine the collective squeal that could be heard as we all realized we could spend less time hauling and more time dog walking. Here’s the stats on how you can use this integration with Chicory! 

  • Our integration includes 72 stores with locations in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

  • Foodtown is a co-op model, so shopping recipes with Chicory will help shoppers support their neighbors and local business owners.

  • The integration comes via Freshop, a tech firm that offers online grocery setup and services to independent grocery chains.


Second, as an addition to our partnership with Wakefern,  we’ve also launched with The Fresh Grocer across our Chicory recipe network! This suite of store 9 store locations in Pennsylvania and Delaware offers high quality meat and produce under the Wakefern umbrella. The Fresh Grocer is uniquely committed to understanding the needs, tastes and traditions of the communities where they operate—aren’t you obsessed?

You can try these integrations out HERE! If you’re in an area where one of these retailers is available, click their logo when prompted and give it a whirl! 

These partnerships are just the start of our expansion into working with more regional grocery retailers. While everyone heads to their local Walmart or Kroger store every once in a while, we know that a lot of shopping—especially in dense urban areas—happens on a more local level. So, we want to provide the opportunity for shoppers to support local and regional grocers that have always been a part of their communities. Now let’s get shopping!