Chicory Recipe Network Analysis: Tex Mex Trends

Tex Mex flavors are one of our few, evergreen recipe topics here at Chicory. While many ingredients or “recipe categories” trend depending on the season (think cookies at Christmastime or chicken wings during football season), Tex Mex always comes up as popular regardless of holidays or events.

We say “Tex Mex,” because these certainly aren’t authentic Mexican flavors. Rather, home cooks in the states use a jar of salsa or enchilada seasoning pack to shortcut dinnertime. As such, we see a lot of cheesy casseroles, packed with beans and bell peppers. Or a “twist” on traditional pasta dinner might surge--think “taco penne,” or “Mexi-lasagna.”

Here are some more details on how Tex Mex tastes dominate our recipe and ingredient trends, year-round. Unless otherwise noted, scale is pulled from a recent 30-day period.

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