Chicory and MilkPEP Partner to Release Shoppable Digital Milk Aisle

We love to celebrate how much easier online grocery shopping has made our lives. But the art of standing in the aisle and choosing your favorite brand, or discovering a new one because of a cool, funky label (the fun part of grocery shopping) has been lost with all of tech’s latest automations.

But what if you could have that same experience outside of the grocery store?

Enter: The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP)—a national board funded by the nation’s milk companies to promote the consumption of fluid milk.

To recreate in-store browsing, Chicory designed a first-to-market digital milk aisle for MilkPEP.


How it works:

  1. First, MilkPEP is utilizing Chicory’s Premium in-recipe ads to promote milk to recipe viewers in their network of over 1,000 influencer food sites. Any time a consumer views a recipe containing “milk,” an ad saying “shop now!” will appear. Shoppable ads will either promote online shopping at Meijer or AmazonFresh and will roll out to additional retailers following the test.

  2. With a click, the user will land on an interstitial digital milk aisle page. The page will list all of the real milk products and brands available in the user’s area, at the featured retailer.

  3. Once the user selects their preferred product, the item will be automatically added into the user’s digital cart.

If you’re wondering how this is different from searching milk on sites like Amazon or Walmart, picture this:

Say you’re a trade board—like MilkPEP—representing multiple brands within your industry. You want to run a digital advertising campaign promoting the product you’re advocating for,  but you have to represent each brand simultaneously. Depending on how many brands you're representing, it might be impossible to feature them all on a single ad, and you already have multiple campaigns supporting your overarching mission.

With Chicory’s digital aisle, we offer equal visibility to all of the brands that are members of trade boards. So, with MilkPEP, there are many, many members of their board, all who deserve equal ecommerce support.

The digital aisle gives consumers a good look at all of their options and allows boards like MilkPEP to equitably represent all of their partners.