Reach Grocery Shoppers

Chicory's media solutions capture the attention of grocery shoppers while they browse digital recipes and look for inspiration.

Chicory Media and Advertising - Reach Grocery Shoppers at the Point of Inspiration

Influence the natural path to purchase

Our recipe network reaches shoppers organically--we never try to change behavior, but instead appear on the sites that your customers already love and trust. Learn more about becoming a publisher.

Chicory Media and Advertising - 3.6 million recipes

3.6 Million Recipes

Chicory Media and Advertising - 80 Million Monthly Unique Users

80 Million Monthly Unique Users


1,000+ Recipe Sites



Use Chicory's recipe network to influence consumers, get on shopping lists and increase your sales.

  • "Own" ingredients or recipe categories throughout our network.
  • Create custom segments of users who have shown intent to buy your items online.
  • Create custom content with top food influencers.

Ready to learn more about what Chicory can do for you?

Chicory increased sales for California Walnuts through in-recipe inspiration.

Find out how Chicory produced 6.1% in-store sales lift for Perdue.

See how Chicory increased ecommerce engagements for a sugar substitute.