Smarter Shopping

Our technology is based in machine learning and can match ingredients to products sold at online retailers with unparalleled precision.

Chicory Tech - Smarter shopping with Chicory recipe network

The World's Largest Shoppable Recipe Network

Chicory Tech - 115 million monthly impressions.png

115 Million Monthly Impressions

Chicory supports over 100 million monthly sessions with online grocery shoppers.

Chicory Tech - 21,000+ unique ingredients.png

21,000+ Unique Ingredients

Chicory's natural language processing technology ingests and parses new ingredient lines daily.

Chicory Tech - 40% of US zip codes covered in recipe network.png

40% of U.S. Zip Codes

Our retailer integrations allow for recipe ingredient ordering to tens of millions of Americans.

Chicory AI

Chicory Tech - AI

Chicory is powered by AI technology tailored to the grocery industry. Our machine learning algorithm reads recipes the way a person does, mapping individual ingredients to shoppable products sold by retailers.

We've spent years training Chicory AI to process nuanced recipe variations, amassing a trove of data on how real consumers interact with grocery items online. Chicory's granular understanding of shopper behavior powers all of our testing, targeting and insights.

When paired with our Publisher Network, we're able to parse and target tens of millions of ingredient lines across the web for the most powerful grocery shopper targeting available today. 

Get in touch to see how Chicory AI can transform your grocery ecommerce operations.