What are the details of your payment policy?

Our Payment Policy

Blogging partners who are working with Chicory directly will be paid in full, every month, on a net-60 schedule. In order to receive a payment, the email associated with your PayPal account must be entered into your Chicory dashboard in the My Account tab. All payments will be sent out through PayPal unless otherwise discussed. 

If you are a Mediavine blogger using Chicory, your payments will come via Mediavine, on Mediavine’s payment schedule. All questions regarding payments should be directed toward publishers@mediavine.com

If you once worked directly with Chicory, but have switched to using Chicory via Mediavine, any existing balance on your Chicory account (the money accumulated prior to your switch) will be paid to you by our team during the next pay period. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Amanda at amanda@chicory.co.