How do I install Chicory on my site?

You can get started by filling out our Chicory Recipe Partner form. After signing up to become an official Chicory Recipe Partner, you’ll receive access to a Chicory publisher dashboard. With this dashboard, you’ll be able to see Chicory impressions, earnings, your eCPM and control your ad preferences. You’ll also be able to give us the email address that you use on your PayPal account so we can send you your earnings!

Installation is as simple as installing a plugin, toggling a switch, or inserting a line of Javascript onto your site (like installing Google Analytics!). To find out which installation fits your site best, please choose one of the options below.



  • Install the following line of Javascript in your footer, just before the blog’s closing </body> tag. Make sure to install it in the template of your blog and not just on an individual page.

    <script async src="//"></script>

Mediavine Publisher Network:

  • You can turn on Chicory in your settings page as seen below:

Wordpress Ultimate Recipe Plugin:

  • The Chicory integration can be enabled on the Recipes > Settings > Partner Integrations page and adds a button after your ingredient list.