What kind of opt-out settings are available for Chicory Premium campaigns?

There are a few ways to customize your Chicory Premium settings and preferences.

  • Full opt out: If you wish to remove all current and future campaigns from your site, you can disable ads by logging into your dashboard, heading to “My Account” and selecting “Opt me out of Chicory Premium.” If you are not sure that blacklisting all campaigns is right for you, you can reach out to Amanda at amanda@chicory.co.

  • Campaign-based opt out: This option is best if you need to opt out of advertisements based on the brand being promoted. Perhaps we are working with Banana Brand X, but you’re a brand ambassador for Branded Bananas, Inc. Let us know via email and we can handle this opt out for the specific brand campaign in question.

  • Campaign tag opt out: This tool allows you to select tags for ingredients or products that you would like to exclude from running on your site. Campaign tags denote ingredient categories such as meat or dairy. We offer these options so that if you’re a vegan food blogger, you never need to worry about opting out of a milk or chicken ad campaign. If you have these settings up-to-date, there is no need to follow up and reply to our ad campaign announcements. To update your settings, log into your Chicory dashboard, select “Ad Settings” and choose which tags you would like to exclude.

  • Specific post opt outs: If you have a sponsored post or specific recipe that you do not want Chicory Premium ads appearing on, just send the link to amanda@chicory.co. We will deactivate all Chicory Premium campaigns on that post.