What is Chicory Premium?

Chicory Premium is what we call our highly-targeted native ad units. This ad unit highlights certain ingredients in your recipes and provides coupons or special ecommerce offers to your readers. Say, you’re writing a post about your perfect Game Day Spinach Artichoke Dip, which calls for Greek yogurt. And Chicory is running a Chicory Premium campaigns for a yogurt company. Now, within your recipe, a coupon or other special offer will appear for Greek yogurt--automatically! We’re able to do this thanks to our proprietary natural language processing technology; and these contextual, native ads earn you money every time they appear! 

Here’s what a Chicory Premium ad for a sugar replacement looks like:

In-Line Chicory Premium

Chicory Premium is not a sponsored post. Our ads will appear network-wide and on recipes that contain targeted ingredient(s). You do not need to apply for these campaigns nor get approval from Chicory. Provided you haven’t requested any kind of opt out, Chicory Premium ads will appear on your site.