Make It Shoppable

We make intuitive solutions that help shoppers adapt to using online grocery. Whether "spearfishing" for single items or using the "net" method to bundle products, we have solutions to help.

Chicory Ecommerce - Make All Media Along the Path to Purchase Shoppable

Retailer Integrations

Chicory Ecommerce - Recipe Activation

Our tech turns any touchpoint into an ecommerce experience. When paired with our retailer integrations, we're able to drive online sales and engage shoppers like never before.

  • Turn your recipe site into an ecommerce opportunity using Chicory Recipe Activation, which connects recipe ingredients to products sold at online retailers. Learn more about our tech.
  • Transform any media touchpoint into a one-click shopping engagement with Chicory Click-to-Cart. Available for single or multi-SKU.

How can we help to amp up your ecommerce strategy?

Omnichannel Solutions

Our ecommerce offerings have a proven record of engaging shoppers online and in-store. That's because we use ecommerce as a marketing tool to find extra-interested and ready-to-buy shoppers.

Chicory Ecommerce - $0.03 Average Cost Per Store Visit

$0.03 Average Cost Per Store Visit

Chicory Ecommerce - For Every 3 Digital Impressions, We Produce 1 Store Visit

For Every 3 Digital Impressions, We Produce 1 Store Visit

Chicory Ecommerce - In-store lift increase

17% Average In-Store Lift



See how Chicory increased ecommerce engagements for a sugar replacement.


Chicory initiates over 300,000 ecommerce orders for an organic broth brand.

Chicory Ecommerce - Halloween Campaign.png

Chicory drives in-store foot traffic for a seasonal confections campaign.