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Holiday Flavors Case Study

A portfolio of hundreds of products doesn’t make marketing easy. How do you choose which items to promote and when? This parent brand used Chicory to “own” ingredients across our recipe network, allowing website visitors to dictate how much spend went where. Any time, say, “cinnamon” appeared, so did an ad for this brand’s cinnamon. And the results showed a big boost for holiday ingredient engagement!

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Holiday Spices and Extracts Case Study

When you’ve got a product that’s particularly high-end, every sale counts. You may sell fewer products, but the relationships you develop with your buyers are that much more special. So, that’s why this premium spices and extracts company tapped Chicory for a shoppable holiday campaign. At nearly $40 per bottle of vanilla, we were able to drive spot-on engagements for the brand using our recipe network, trafficked by some serious foodies.

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