Gaining Consumer Insights with Chicory's Shoppable Recipes

For today’s CPG brands, learning directly about shoppers is a monumental task. Historically, retailers have been the ones privy to all data about consumers’ buying habits and getting this data can turn into an expensive chess match between the manufacturer of an item and the grocery store that sells it. 

So, in a world where “direct-to-consumer” has become a new way for digitally native brands to understand what shoppers want and buy, some of the largest food and home goods manufacturers are left scratching their heads: how can one of the largest consumer foods companies in the world follow the lead of these nimble, fast-growing and highly informed CPG startups?

For that food brand, the answer was activating their recipe content with shoppable recipe tech by Chicory.


Recipes, for this brand, have always been a way for activating new usage occasions among consumers. A vast catalogue of online recipes garners millions of views from consumers a month, but the brand had never before been able to understand how those eyeballs converted into shopping engagements offline. 

With Chicory’s shoppable recipes, the brand was able to provide a seamless shopping experience across all of its online recipe content, but also was able to gather troves of information about the habits of its shoppers, directly, for the first time.

Insights included: which recipes were driving the most shopping engagements, which brands were the most likely to be shopped online, which ingredients aside from the brand’s products were helping to drive baskets, which retailers were the most popular among shoppers, which products were being shopped in which markets, and much, much more.

With these never-before-seen insights, Chicory and the brand together strategized on new marketing activations based on signals sent by consumers through the shoppable tech. Additionally, the integration drove online shopping engagements at various retailers nationwide.


Of shoppers sent items to retailer baskets during the holiday time frame


Unique users browsed the brands recipes, providing insights about shopper behavior


Projected value of items sent to carts over 12 month period