Major Grocery Retailer Case Study

All of the latest surveys and studies promise that online grocery is set to be the next big thing driving retail growth. But when it comes down to using online grocery as a real-life human, sometimes it can be baffling where to start. There are the next day deliveries or the one-hour curbside pickups, all with their pros and cons, depending on your specific needs as a consumer. But if there’s one thing we do well here at Chicory, it’s reach online shoppers during their moments of grocery planning and shopping intent. That’s why this Fortune 500 retailer teamed up with Chicory to promote its new online grocery capabilities.

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Campaign Objectives

  • Differentiate this retailer as the easiest place to shop on a daily basis

  • Influence consumers as they browse for meal inspiration and plan their shop

  • Simplify weekly shopping trips

Using Chicory’s in-recipe ad units and deterministic data, the retailer was able to reach shoppers during the moments they were looking at recipes they were planning to buy and then retarget those same shoppers with messages around the web. Campaign creative and copy promoted the simple, convenient new grocery pickup and delivery services and was designed specifically to reach meal planners and busy parents looking to simplify their weekly shopping trips.

Rather than targeting specific recipes in our network (like we usually recommend for food brands), the retailer went with a run of network play, optimizing towards recipes that were trending throughout the six month flight.

As a part of the campaign, we partnered with a third party to measure sales using closed loop Visa and Mastercard payment data.

Not only did the study show positive overall sales lift among Chicory-exposed shoppers, but it also showed that, over the course of the campaign, the Chicory shopper’s trip frequency and basket size increased.





Increase in shopping frequency


Increase in overall spend


This retailer’s shoppers love to cook at home for their whole family—including the dog! They’re on the hunt for quick and easy dinner solutions like casseroles, and they love to bake. They’re also devoted to their dogs, looking for healthy homemade alternatives, not only for dog treats, but for meal replacements as well.