Holiday Spices and Extracts Case Study

When you’ve got a product that’s particularly high-end, every sale counts. You may sell fewer products, but the relationships you develop with your buyers are that much more special. So, that’s why this premium spices and extracts company tapped Chicory for a shoppable holiday campaign. At nearly $40 per bottle of vanilla, we were able to drive spot-on engagements for the brand using our recipe network, trafficked by some serious foodies.


Campaign Objectives

  • Build awareness of this brand’s superior quality products.

  • Increase ecommerce engagement with the brand’s products.

  • Build baskets at

Working your way into consumers’ holiday traditions can be a unique challenge for food brands. Year after year, our recipe engagement trends indicate that, during the holidays, consumers are least likely to try out a new product. Families have their Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions. While they may research a new appetizer to serve at their get-together, no one’s coming near their roasted turkey recipe or grandma’s famous pumpkin pie.

But for this premium spices, seasonings and extracts manufacturer, getting their products into the pantries of serious holiday cooks and bakers was top priority. At price points up to 4x the cost of competitor brands, the mission was clear: we had to convince serious foodies to give this brand’s products a try over others.

So, with imagery that positioned the brand as a high-end cooking ingredient, we presented in-recipe ads to consumers on relevant holiday recipes in our network throughout the season. Half of the ads brought users to a landing page where they could learn more about the brand’s superior quality products, while the other half were made shoppable with our Click-to-Cart tech. On that portion of the campaign, shoppers could add the brand’s featured ingredients into their online shopping carts at with a single click.

Not only were we able to fully deliver all contracted impressions during the competitive holiday timeframe, but the campaign out-performed holiday benchmarks and other similar campaigns during the timeframe. By showing the brand as an accompaniment to holiday traditions that would elevate celebrations (not replace beloved customs), we were able to deliver nearly eight times as many dollars into Amazon carts as compared to spend on shoppable ads.



Higher click engagement of this brand’s superior quality products


Add-to-cart value per dollar spent


Delivery of impressions on relevant holiday recipes


We feel it’s important to stress how strong this performance was. The campaign was a perfect example of how a Chicory program should be set up and proves how successful a “best case scenario” program can be. Though products cost $30+, consumers were still highly engaged and likely to send items into carts during the holiday season.