Holiday Milk Case Study

A cold glass of milk, trimming the tree, and a Christmas cookie dunked into my 2%... these are a few of my favorite things. This national board for promoting the consumption of dairy milk worked with Chicory to develop a “shoppable milk aisle” that we promoted with festive milk ads on holiday recipes throughout the holiday season. Here’s how the promotion performed and drove online engagements with dairy milk in November and December.


Campaign Objectives

  • Provide a way for shoppers to add dairy milk into online grocery carts at a retailer of their choice

  • Determine which dairy milk brands were most engaging in an ecommerce setting

  • Promote dairy milk as a festive pairing to holiday meals and celebrations

At Chicory, we work with a number of trade and commodity boards who are tasked with raising the profile of a product or ingredient in a very broad way. Take, for example, our work for California Walnuts or an avocado board.

The partnership comes with a unique set of challenges. How, as a board, can you fairly and equitably represent all of the manufacturers who are a part of your organization? And how do you promote sales of all of those brands across all of the retailers where their items are sold?

This was precisely the challenge that we tackled recently for a dairy milk board. While they sought to boost usage occasions for dairy milk in general during the holiday season, they had to do so in a way that represented all of its members equally. To achieve this, Chicory developed a custom grocery experience that provided a full digital dairy aisle’s worth of choices to consumers.

Here’s how it worked: we targeted milk and trending holiday recipes throughout our recipe network for the brand. Then, in those targeted recipes, we inserted an in-recipe ad unit that encouraged shoppers to “buy real milk.” A click led consumers to a landing page where they could select from a rotating list of participating milk brands. The selected milk product was then placed directly into an online shopping cart at Meijer or AmazonFresh, boosting shopping engagements for dairy milk in target markets.

The campaign boasted conversion rates higher than other holiday programs and also received conversion rates from the second click at rates of over 1,000% other two-click grocery experiences. We also used the test to determine preferences and habits of online milk buyers.



Conversion rate from landing page


Higher conversion rate than other 2-step ecommerce shopping


Higher engagement than other holiday programs


In general, shoppers preferred organic milk products over non-organic, even if this meant a higher price point. Because people browse recipes online in an aspirational mindset (looking for healthy solutions, time-saving recipes, meal planning, etc.), they tend not to be turned off by higher prices, and gravitate toward products that promote healthy, natural living.