Holiday Flavors Case Study

A portfolio of hundreds of products doesn’t make marketing easy. How do you choose which items to promote and when? This parent brand used Chicory to “own” ingredients across our recipe network, allowing website visitors to dictate how much spend went where. Any time, say, “cinnamon” appeared, so did an ad for this brand’s cinnamon. And the results showed a big boost for holiday ingredient engagement!


Campaign Objectives

  • Build ubiquity of this brand’s spices and extracts in holiday cooking

  • Increase ecommerce engagement with the brand’s new products

  • Build baskets at various online grocery retailers and determine strongest alignments

As a brand that represents a portfolio of hundreds of products, prioritizing which products to promote can be like choosing your favorite child. All products deserve love and support, but how can a parent brand manage all of this, particularly during the busy holiday season?

Well, when you’re a food brand, the solution becomes a bit more straightforward. By using a recipe strategy to promote your portfolio of products, you’re able to make your brand’s many items synonymous with cooking moments. And with Chicory, you can do this organically across a network of 3.6 million recipes.

During Holiday 2018, Chicory and a leading spice manufacturer teamed up to “brand” ingredients across our network, inserting a shoppable ad for this brand any time a relevant ingredient was viewed in a recipe by an in-market consumer. The aggressive campaign reached about four million shoppers during the holiday cooking season, with each ad appearance making this brand’s name more and more pervasive across a spectrum of ingredients.

Shoppers engaged, too. Out of those four million shoppers, we saw CTRs as high a 0.89% (the average display ad earning 0.08%, just one percent the level of engagement found here). And, once they clicked, 67% of shoppers successfully sent their product into an online grocery retailer experience.

Furthermore, in reviewing campaign results, we were able to provide the brand with actionable insights for moving forward. By testing out so many one-to-one product to ingredient alignments across our millions of recipes, our analytics identified the best candidates for “branded” ingredients moving forward, plus offered new ideas for future content alignments for the brand outside of “branded ingredients” (i.e. special diets, Crock-Pot recipes and baking hacks).



CTR on select “branded ingredient” ads


Average add-to-cart rate across all retailers


Impressions delivery on branded ingredients


While gravy packets initially showed a high engagement rate, as time passed we observed an interesting holiday trend: while gravy is often used in crockpot or slow cooker cooking throughout the year, this type of time-saving weeknight cooking takes a back seat to cooking from scratch and baking up sweet treats during the holidays.