Holiday Graham Cracker Case Study

If our network of 80M grocery shoppers is any indication, the holidays are synonymous with sweet treats. Throughout the month of December, other recipes might as well not exist, considering the levels to which cookie recipes are trafficked. That’s why this classic snack brand teamed up with Chicory this holiday season. They advertised their products on these trending recipes, educating shoppers about creating a “holiday house” with their product while driving in-store foot traffic and ecommerce engagement along the way.


Campaign Objectives

  • Educate shoppers about usage occasions for graham crackers during the holiday timeframe

  • Produce a competitive holiday CTR on ads

  • Drive shoppers to Walmart stores

When I say “graham crackers,” you say…? Did “s’mores” come to mind? We’re willing to bet that the crunchy snack is pretty much synonymous in your mind--and in the minds of many--with the summery campfire treat.

That’s why this brand worked with Chicory to raise its profile during the holiday timeframe. At precisely the time of year when its most difficult to break through to consumers, this leading graham cracker manufacturer worked with Chicory to offer consumers a new way to celebrate.

While the holidays are the largest cooking season of the year, our network trends indicate that consumers are sticking to tradition. They look for recipes that allow them to amp up a traditional roast turkey, or are tempted to test a new buttercream to use for topping grandma’s famous sugar cookies. But breaking through with new usage ideas is a real challenge.

So, this brand targeted “graham crackers,” “gingerbread,” and other holiday baking keywords to raise awareness of graham crackers throughout our recipe network. Whenever a relevant keyword appeared in a recipe, we presented an in-recipe ad unit that promoted graham crackers along with a “holiday house” image. CTAs encouraged shoppers to shop now or start their cart at Walmart. Campaign creative educated them about skipping the step of baking their own gingerbread and instead suggested that they use graham crackers as the foundation to their candy-coated cottage. In addition to measuring digital engagement, we ran a foot traffic study to understand the impact of the campaign at Walmart stores where the brand’s products were sold.

CTRs indicated the brand was successfully able to break through to the busy holiday cook. Ads out-performed holiday benchmarks by 20%. Even more exciting were foot traffic results, which showed that about a third of all consumers who viewed an ad could be placed at a participating Walmart store location during the holiday season.



Store conversion rate


Cost per store visit


Higher performance than holiday CTR benchmarks


The majority of shoppers reached during this campaign were married middle class moms looking for money-saving solutions. Among their most used apps were ones offering deals and discount coupons. Results showed that a large portion of exposed consumers visited a Walmart within four days—the highest percentage visiting a store just two days after.