Perdue Chicken Case Study

Perdue worked with Chicory to reach and engage shoppers at their moment of meal inspiration. This program was one of Chicory’s longest running and most ambitious campaigns to date, employing the full Chicory client experience. Perdue leveraged all of Chicory’s solutions to reach consumers at every touchpoint along their shopping journey. Chicory included a ROAS study leveraging IRI Match Market Testing™, a proven media measurement practice used for all types of media performance analysis. To determine sales impact and return on ad spend, IRI analyzed retailer store-level transactions across selected test and control markets to effectively isolate the impact of the test campaign on sales.


Campaign Objectives

  • Engage with consumers as they browse recipes on the web and on Perdue’s recipe site

  • Target in-market and prospective chicken buyers

  • Measure in-store sales lift at a national retailer

Contemplating how to make your brand stand out is as existential as it gets for marketers. As you think of ways to outdo your last campaign, you might sit and ask yourself, “what’s our purpose?” Except you’re thinking about the meaning of chicken and not the meaning of life.

Your next move might be to brainstorm snazzy new packaging ideas, clever product names, or a punny tagline, with hopes that it’s catchy enough way to sway shoppers.

But why not try something that’ll guarantee interaction with your target audience—like appearing on a recipe?

We worked with Perdue for a full-year activation, allowing the leading chicken brand to “own” chicken any time it was mentioned in a Chicory-powered recipe.

The association between chicken and Perdue that was made early on in a shopper’s journey throughout every consumer touchpoint was essential to gaining omnichannel results. By exposing consumers to Perdue’s products as they were thinking about their grocery list, Perdue stayed at the top of people’s minds when they entered a store.

To measure the impact Perdue’s campaign had on in-store purchases at a national retailer, Chicory employed the IRI Matched Market Testing solution to apply the needed statistical rigor to isolate the true effect of the campaign tactics.  Using test versus control statistical rigor and leveraging retailer specific store-level point-of-sale and causal data for Perdue and its competitors, Chicory easily understood how their solution drove Perdue sales.

According to IRI, Perdue’s campaign generated a sales lift of 6.1%, which exceeded their category benchmark (of 3.2%) by nearly 100%. These results show that the combination of Chicory’s media and Perdue’s brand presence led to significant in-store sales, with nearly a 7 to 1 return.

Here’s how we tackled Perdue’s campaign:

When shoppers browsed their favorite food blogs for meals like Easy Baked Chicken Breasts or Crispy Chicken Thighs, a Perdue ad appeared within that recipe. These Premium ad units were designed to help Perdue align its various products (like breasts, thighs and patties) with recipes that called for each particular cut.

Chicory’s influence extended beyond its network, also prospecting and retargeting consumers who viewed chicken recipes with display ads around the web.

And for the shoppers prepared to purchase as they planned, Chicory made all of its media shoppable with Click-to-Cart tech, encouraging online basket building. Recipes on Perdue’s website were also made shoppable, allowing consumers to add every ingredient needed to make a chicken dish curated by the experts themselves.

Our tactics worked synergistically to provide Perdue with meaningful results, proving that the whole Chicory experience is greater than the sum of its parts.



Return on ad spend


Sales lift at national retailer


Approximate dollar sales during IRI analysis period


When it comes to chicken, shoppers are definitely not eating it the same way every night. Consumers loved easy, one-pot meals like Broccoli Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo and sizzlin’ international favorites like Shredded Chicken Enchiladas.