Sugar Baking Blend Case Study

A sugar replacement brand sought to drive online sales and in-store foot traffic through an omnichannel strategy with Chicory, using recipes to reach grocery shoppers in their pre-trip planning phase.

Sugar Substitute Chicory Premium Pairings Ad Mockup

Campaign Objectives

  • 0.20% CTR on Chicory Premium in-recipe ad units

  • 0.08% CTR on Chicory Audiences display ads

  • orders

  • Walmart in-store foot traffic

  • Determine most effective CTA, products and messaging

In an increasingly omnichannel world, digital campaigns need to both convert online shoppers, and drive in-store foot traffic. In this landscape, the shopper begins their purchasing journey on their digital device, but is also incentivized to shop at brick-and-mortar stores. Because each shopper is unique, figuring out how to simultaneously achieve both of these objectives remains a challenge.

Chicory’s services, however, promise effectiveness in both arenas.

This summer, Chicory worked with a leading sugar replacement brand and tested out a variety of product promotions, original content, targeting, and calls-to-action. This helped identify the most effective digital marketing strategies that would convert online Walmart shoppers into in-store shoppers.

To achieve this, we began by selecting three different variations of the brand’s product — their brown sugar blend, their natural sugar replacement, and their classic white sugar replacement.

From there, we developed ads with different messaging to see which performed best. Some focused on promoting the superior taste of the brand’s sweeteners, while others touted the “all natural” ingredients they use.

All of the ads were made shoppable with Chicory’s Click-to-Cart technology, which drove online purchases, adding items directly into online carts at Walmart. Further, in-store foot traffic was measured by a third party study to better understand how digital engagement influenced brick-and-mortar visits.

The insight provided from these tactics allowed us to optimize the campaign by tailoring it to the most effective messaging and products. As a result, we discovered that all natural brown sugar sweetener delivered the highest engagement, and drove over 2x the amount of sales dollars into online Walmart carts.



Cost per store visit, which was 87% less than the benchmarks


Total value of products added to Walmart carts


Sales lift across online and in-store Walmart purchases


The sugar substitute shopper falls in the “sweet spot” of the Chicory network—they are young parents who like to entertain. The recipes shoppers engaged with the most were standby classics that everyone loves. Shoppers were also interested in seasonal and holiday-inspired recipes.