Butter Case Study

A well known butter brand sought to take their popularity to the next level and make their name synonymous with butter. By leveraging Chicory’s over 80 million in-market shoppers, this campaign promoted the brand’s butter on over 1,000 recipe websites to consumers in the pre-shop phase. A display campaign powered by Chicory Audiences also targeted already engaged consumers across the web.

Butter Chicory Premium In-Line Ad

Campaign Objectives

  • Raise brand awareness, making this butter brand the first that comes to mind for grocery shoppers

  • Produce 0.30% CTR for Chicory Premium in-recipe ad units

  • Produce 0.08% CTR for Chicory Audiences display ad campaign

  • Reach millennial moms in HHI range of $70k

When you head to the grocery store, what’s one item you somehow always need? We’re willing to bet it’s butter. Whether cooking savory or sweet, butter is an essential staple for every cook.

But, the real question is, which brand do you choose?

Faced with increased competitor presence, this leading butter brand worked with Chicory to own the butter category across the Chicory network. To do this, Chicory placed Premium in-line ad units in recipes that called for butter, driving thousands of new customers to the brand’s recipe content.

Users who clicked on the ads landed on the brand’s website, where they had the ability to explore more content featuring its products.

The seamless user experience of going from one recipe to another produced extremely high engagement rates, especially during holidays and events like Easter and Super Bowl Sunday.

When analyzing Chicory’s audience and comparing it to the brand’s target audience of millennial mothers, we were able to confirm that ad viewers were 3.2x more likely to be within that target than the average internet user. Looking at what recipe websites users engaged with further confirmed this, as parenting blogs like Mom to Mom Nutrition received the most traction.



CTR performance was 35% higher than standard Chicory benchmarks


CTR performance was 73.33% higher than standard Chicory special occasion benchmarks


Percentage of viewers who were exposed to butter as an ingredient and also saw the Chicory ad unit


The preferences of butter shoppers spread far and wide. They’re interested in classic dinnertime favorites, bold global flavors, quick and easy recipes, and delectable sweets. No matter if it’s tried-and-true or new, this butter brand is a trusted partner in the kitchen.