Publisher Case Study

Culinary Hill—a Midwestern food blog run by Meggan Hill—joined the Chicory publisher network back in 2016. Over the years, her blog  has grown alongside Chicory’s tech and media offerings. See how Meggan monetized her evergreen content with Chicory to increase her earnings by nearly 30 times what it previously was.


Campaign Objectives

  • Grow traffic

  • Passively monetize evergreen content

  • Adopt advertising that is unobtrusive to her audience and provide engaging experiences for readers beyond regular content and recipe updates

Ask any great food blogger and they’re likely to agree: an ideal life would be  to spend everyday developing recipes, editing photos, and writing engaging posts to accompany this week’s unique creation.

But in order to live out this dream, bloggers need to earn an income. And that’s where monetization comes into play. When Meggan’s audience grew ten times what it was when she first joined Chicory’s publisher network, she began to evaluate advertising options. Her top priority was to make sure she was maintaining the best user experience for her readers.

Enter: Chicory! While Chicory originally partnered with Culinary Hill to offer the blog’s readers our shoppable recipe technology at no cost, considering her monetization dilemma, we thought she would be the perfect candidate to test our Chicory Premium in-recipe advertising units.

How do Premium ads work? Well, any time a recipe is qualified for advertising (i.e., a baking recipe showing an ad for California Walnuts), Chicory displays an ad, earning bloggers money for each impression. In this case, Chicory’s Premium advertising was customized to Meggan’s preferences. Sponsored posts never displayed ads, and she had the option of opting out of campaigns she felt  wouldn’t resonate with her readers.

As Culinary Hill’s traffic grew to over a million monthly readers throughout our ongoing two year partnership, Meggan’s income with Chicory grew three times as fast. Even during summer’s notoriously low traffic and revenue months, Chicory paid out over $6,000 to Meggan.

It pays to work with Chicory!



The effective CPM per session for each Chicory ad appearance in May 2018


Revenue per month with Chicory grew 29x since beginning of partnership, while traffic grew 10x


Chicory revenue for a thirty day period in Q3 2018


“Chicory used to be a tiny stream of passive income. Now it’s out-performing my Amazon affiliate revenue by 4x or more per month! They’ve become a reliable partner in my passive income goals and is the easiest, least obtrusive way to make extra money on my blog.”