Organic Broth Case Study

By perfectly pairing this organic broth brand's products with matching ingredients within the Chicory recipe network, Chicory was able to drive awareness and ecommerce engagements on Amazon. Each in-recipe ad click drove an item directly into a user’s Amazon cart, boosting online purchases and consumer recognition of the brand.


Campaign Objectives

  • Produce .2% CTR
  • Drive as many products as possible into Amazon carts.
  • Grow brand awareness nationally.

For those who prioritize organic living and healthy eating, finding products that fit with their lifestyle can be a challenge. So, for our campaign with an organic broth brand, we promoted their products any time "broth" was mentioned throughout our recipe network using Chicory Premium in-recipe ad units, and helped those customers purchase those products from an accessible national retailer, Amazon.

All ad units were enabled with our Click-to-Cart technology, providing a one-click shopping solution, within recipes. Shoppers could send items into their Amazon carts as they looked for recipe inspiration and planned shopping trips.

The campaign resulted in nearly 13,000 ecommerce engagements, which sent $379,507 worth of products directly into Amazon carts. With a campaign spend of $30,000, Chicory was able to return an engagement value of nearly $12 to the client over a one-month period.

A key takeaway from this campaign was that when looking for ingredients that align perfectly with their healthy lifestyle, shoppers are willing to buy products outside of their usual weekly supermarket trip. This campaign also demonstrated that shoppers are more likely to use ecommerce methods to buy items when the cost per unit is greater than $7, getting them closer to qualifying for shipping discounts.



Total value of products added to Amazon carts.


Value per each customer engagement.


Value of products added to cart per dollar spent.


Ingredients that performed well indicated that the shopper is interested in a boost of flavor at dinnertime. Engaged shoppers looked for flavorful sauces and condiments, loved mixes and seasoning packets, and were not afraid to try out-of-the ordinary flavor combinations. Keywords like “slow cooker” and “easy” stood out as popular with shoppers.