Sugar Replacement Case Study

For this campaign, an all natural sugar replacement manufacturer worked with Chicory to activate in-market shoppers during peak resolution season, promoting its products alongside sugar and sugar substitutes within relevant recipes.

    Chicory Premium In-Line Sugar Replacement

    Campaign Objectives

    • Deliver .2% CTR.
    • Drive online add-to-cart engagements at Walmart and Peapod.
    • Reach shoppers at their "moment of inspiration."
    • Understand shopper behavior online and product use cases.

    You watch the ball drop, the clock strikes midnight, you take your last sip of champagne and–boom! It's time to cut back on holiday indulgences and resolve to do something better for your body.

    This sugar replacement brand took advantage of grocery shoppers' new resolve and targeted recipe viewers in the Chicory network during January and February of 2018. Ads boasted key brand messages promising all natural, zero calorie sweetness.

    The tactics aligned the brand as an alternative to higher calorie sugar, or an all-natural alternative to other sugar substitutes.

    Plus, all ads that Chicory delivered throughout the campaign were made shoppable at either or through Chicory's Click-to-Cart technology.

    Performance was incredibly strong, particularly for where "spearfishing" tendencies are stronger among consumers (i.e. shoppers will buy a single item or pace a single item in their carts, rather than building and buying a full shopping list at once).

    By extrapolating performance, Chicory could also project strong in-store performance for the brand, based on previous foot traffic study benchmarks. The campaign proved ecommerce's strength in driving online and offline lift for the brand.



    CTR performance was 5% higher than client benchmarks.


    Shoppers added nearly $43k in products to their online shopping carts at promoted retailers.


    Based on previous Chicory foot traffic studies, we were able to project 1.6M store visits for the brand.


    Keywords like "no bake" and "easy" stood out as particularly popular for shoppers. We also learned that the brand's users are concerned with other dietary restrictions like gluten-free or vegan cooking. Finally "all natural" was the best performing copy for the health conscious sugar replacement shopper.