Liquor Client Case Study

For this campaign, an orange liqueur company worked with Chicory to promote new uses of its alcohol in brunch cocktails and inspire new usage ideas among new customers.

Discover Cocktails Mimosa Pairings Ad Unit
Discover Cocktails Cold Brew Pairings Unit

Campaign Objectives

  • Deliver competitive CTR.
  • Promote new uses of liqueur and inspire new customers with brunch cocktails.
  • Pair drink creations with brunch recipes to reach an in-market audience.
  • Ensure ads contained appropriate alcohol warnings.

Typically, when you reach for a cocktail--particularly one that you make for yourself and friends at home--it's part of a dinner party or evening get together. There are many more reasons to celebrate, though, and with Chicory, this liquor brand sought to elevate even more occasions, with its brand at the center.

By targeting brunch and appetizer recipes, Chicory was able to present this chic alcohol brand to a new audience, as they planned brunches and evening soirées. Recipes featured a little something extra, which helped to align the liquor with more on-brand placements. Rather than simply targeting eggs benedict, recipes used in this campaign might include a topping of stylish avocado or a polenta cake in place of an English muffin.

Then, the liquor brand was paired with the recipe and readers were encouraged to "elevate" their meal, try a new "twist," or "splash" in some "inspiration." Language was fun and aspirational. CTAs touted "discovery," and helped readers to feel like they were upgrading their get-together as they clicked. 

The campaign was also Chicory's first foray into alcohol pairings. All creatives included necessary warnings and disclaimers.



Our CTR for the in-recipe ad units beat Chicory benchmarks by 100%.


Highly competitive ad units delivered a highly engaged audience at a competitive spend of $3 CPC.