Fresh Chicken Case Study

A leading national chicken manufacturer used Chicory to appear at the moment of shopper inspiration. The brand targeted all chicken ingredients throughout the Chicory recipe network and presented users with shoppable messages throughout Q1.

Chicory Premium In-Line Chicken

Campaign Objectives

  • Beat industry standard CTR benchmarks.
  • Drive add-to-carts at key retailers.
  • Reach shoppers at their "moment of inspiration."
  • Get on shopping lists.

Browsing your favorite food blog and looking to create that mouthwatering recipe for dinner tonight? With Chicory, this fresh chicken brand aimed to be present at precisely this moment.

With in-recipe ad units, the brand would appear at the moment of dinner inspiration and engage shoppers with ecommerce opportunities.

While shoppability was a key part of the program, ads were also employed in order to get branded chicken products on shoppers' grocery lists or into their online shopping carts. 

The leading chicken manufacturer worked with Chicory to present in-recipe ad units throughout Q1 on chicken recipes throughout 1,000 recipe sites in Chicory's network. Ads were furthermore made shoppable, should a consumer be ready to purchase in that moment via online grocery retailers: Peapod and Walmart OGP.

The brand promoted 14 different fresh chicken SKUs with "add to cart" CTAs. After seeing success in Q1, the brand expanded its campaign and increased its spend by $100k moving into the remainder of 2018.



CTR rate, compared to standard display benchmarks.


Engagements on in-recipe shoppable ads, promoting chicken products.


Click "print list" engagements on chicken recipes during flight.


Across the Chicory network, the trends for fall have been focused mainly on organic ingredients and seasonal items. For chicken recipes, we are seeing swaps in the cart to replace generic chicken products with organic items and a focus on quality, trusted ingredients.