Organic Yogurt Case Study

Shoppers love a good deal. Especially when it’s for a product they frequently purchase during their weekly shopping trip—like yogurt. An organic yogurt brand worked with Chicory to promote their yogurt throughout the Chicory network and across the web. But unlike other campaigns, which normally lead consumers to a retailer or a brand’s owned media, this campaign directed shoppers to a coupon, leading to surprising results.


Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness of this brand’s yogurt throughout the Chicory network

  • Identify potential customers across the web

  • Promote downloadable coupons

Thinking back to the days of sitting at your dining room table and cutting coupons out of a magazine or pamphlet, you might ask yourself, “Is couponing dead?” Maybe this pastime isn’t as popular anymore, but the truth of the matter is, being frugal never goes out of style. So, instead of neatly collecting cutouts in a binder, we’ve transitioned to bookmarking a webpage or emailing ourselves a link to deals we see online.

Acknowledging this shift in behavior, this organic yogurt maker used Chicory to execute a recipe targeting strategy that directed in-market shoppers to a downloadable coupon for their yogurt. Chicory tested a number of meal occasions, like breakfast, brunch and health-conscious snacking, to ensure the right consumers were being reached during the campaign.

At the conclusion of the program, 11.4% of people that printed the coupon redeemed it. But, remarkably, even after the campaign concluded and ads were discontinued, redemption kept increasing. A second round of reporting 60 days after the campaign wrapped showed that 23.9% of people who printed out the coupon redeemed it—a significant increase compared to the national print-at-home redemption rate, which, according to NCH’s Year-End 2017 Coupon Facts, was about 6.4%.

Further, a comparison between consumers in the brand’s subscriber base and those exposed to Chicory’s ad campaign revealed that only three individuals belonged to both lists. Meaning, Chicory reached all but three new customers during this campaign.

Overall, shoppers were highly engaged with the media and Chicory was successful at raising brand awareness among shoppers, reaching them as they made decisions about their next trip to the grocery store.



Total number of delivered impressions


Chicory’s overall print-at-home coupon redemption rate


Chicory’s coupon redemption rate was 274.4% higher than industry standards


Recipe and ingredient trends pinpointed the in-network yogurt shopper as someone who is health-conscious but cooking for a family. They loved healthy breakfast treats like Chocolate Oatmeal Bars and easy dinnertime favorites like Baked Potato Foil Packs.