Mayonnaise Case Study

People often wonder what the secret to great food is. Yet, the answer to that is really simple—great flavor. And while the folks behind this mayonnaise brand have known this for over 100 years, they worked with Chicory to make sure everyone else did too.


Campaign Objectives

  • “Own” mayonnaise across Chicory’s network

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Achieve similar or better results to this brand’s previous Chicory campaign

Picture this — Lucy from North Carolina is hosting her annual Fourth of July barbeque and wants to impress her family by making her grandmother’s signature deviled eggs. She has one problem, though, she can’t remember her grandmother’s exact recipe. So, instead, Lucy goes online and searches “traditional deviled eggs” and lands on a blog dedicated to authentic Southern cooking.

As she’s reading the ingredients, Lucy sees an ad for this mayonnaise brand right when the recipe calls for ½ cup of mayo.

She clicks on the ad and learns that this mayonnaise is a family recipe—exactly the type of flavor she’s going for, something that tastes homemade.

Later that day, when Lucy goes to the store to purchase her groceries, she remembers the ad and purchases a jar of the brand’s smooth and creamy mayo.

This leading mayonnaise brand worked with Chicory to make their mayo synonymous with mayonnaise to in-market shoppers. To do this, we targeted mayonnaise-lovers in regional markets where this brand is sold, using first-party data to increase brand awareness and grow overall sales.

This client worked with Chicory back in 2017 to strategize and implement effective digital tactics. Since that campaign was so successful, this year’s campaign sought to build on that achievement and produce exemplary click-through rates. And it did.

The click-through-rates for this campaign completely blew us away, surpassing last year’s campaign by as much as 136%. This level of engagement shows that we reached exactly the right shoppers two years in a row.

There’s no question that this brand’s mayonnaise really is the secret of great cooks.



Total engagements on in-recipe ad units


CTR performance was 45% higher than standard Chicory Premium benchmarks


CTR performance was 1,118% higher than standard Chicory display benchmarks


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