Ghee Case Study

All great cooking starts with a fatty base. Ask an Italian and it’s olive oil. Ask a Frenchman and it’s butter. But ghee—widely used in Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cooking—is a flavorful substitute many Americans overlook. That’s why this organic dairy brand teamed up with Chicory to promote their new ghee (clarified butter) product, using Chicory’s recipe network to spread awareness of ghee and its many uses.


Campaign Objectives

  • Conquest cooking oils and butter throughout the Chicory network

  • Position ghee as a great oil or butter substitute in cooking, to new users

  • Retarget in-market shoppers who viewed an ad for this brand’s ghee around the web

“Ghee” may sound foreign to your chef’s ear, but if you use cooking oil in your kitchen, then substituting in ghee is a simple, flavorful swap. Ghee is a form of clarified butter that has a higher smoke point than ordinary butter or cooking oils and is pantry-stable. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for sautéing, stir-frying, roasting and baking, among many other cooking methods. So, if you know how to cook with oil or butter, then you know how to cook with ghee.

But how do you reach consumers who don’t know this yet? Using recipes.

Every time a recipe in the Chicory Network called for an ingredient that could be easily swapped for ghee, we presented an ad within that recipe to the user. The ad suggested using this brand’s ghee in place of butter or cooking oils.

To further educate shoppers, this organic dairy brand and Chicory leaned on each other’s networks to retarget in-market shoppers. Meaning, a shopper who saw a Chicory ad for their ghee was then retargeted across the web with a video explaining what ghee is and how it’s used.

Leveraging Chicory’s network, this brand made ghee present in the minds of new shoppers, capturing their attention while they looked at recipes and planned their next shopping trip. The click-through-rates of the campaign were stellar, performing 25% higher than the program’s KPI. Additionally, we ran a study to measure in-store foot traffic to locations where this brand’s ghee was sold.  The marrying of an educational message with a reminder of where to buy sent people to stores at rates significantly higher than third-party benchmarks.

The campaign’s overall success indicated that these consumers are the perfect candidates for a gheelicious swap.



CTR performance on ads was 15% higher than Chicory Premium benchmarks


Total reminders to swap ghee for butter or oil served


In-store lift among shoppers exposed to the campaign compared to a control group


These shoppers are determined flavor seekers. They’re all about using sauces and mix-ins to achieve bold, full-bodied taste, incorporating unique ingredients like hoisin sauce, white wine vinegar and oyster sauce into their meals.