Avocado Case Study

When buying avocados, the right one matters. Because, after all, avocados are the star ingredient in so many recipes, like avocado toast. This summer, Chicory helped a leading avocado brand corner smaller avocado-buying markets. The results proved that the buttery fruit (yes, fruit!) isn’t just a trend among hipsters in big cities, but is beloved by all kinds of folks in smaller towns across the USA.


Campaign Objectives

  • Deliver 0.25% CTR

  • “Own” avocados throughout the Chicory network

  • Retarget in-market shoppers

  • Drive traffic to Walmart stores within target demographic

Cooking’s all about creativity—there’s no better feeling than finding new ways to incorporate your favorite ingredients into your everyday meals. (Was anyone eating as many avocados for breakfast before avocado toast became the rage?)

Chicory recently worked with a well-known avocado  brand to educate consumers on the unique ways they could be eating avocados by driving traffic to the brand’s recipe hub. Ever had an avocado truffle or an avocado ice cream sandwich? Didn’t think so—but we assure you, you’re missing out.

The campaign tactics were simple—Chicory ran two types of Premium in-recipe ads— in-line and pairings—throughout its network of over 1,000 publishers. In-line ads were placed between recipe lines and appeared any time a recipe called for avocados. Pairings ads were placed at the bottom of the recipe ingredients list and appeared on recipes that compliment avocados, like Tex-Mex dishes.

Because this brand wanted to reach smaller markets—specifically ones in close proximity to a Walmart store—the ad campaign was geo-targeted to less populated cities. Chicory included an added value foot traffic study which measured how many consumers actually visited Walmart stores after seeing the ads.

We also retargeted shoppers who viewed the Premium ads with a display campaign powered by Chicory Audiences, drilling down on their interest and reminding them to try new recipes and visit a Walmart store.

The overall goal was to establish this brand as the avocados of choice.

And judging by engagement results, Chicory delivered.

The campaign resulted in above average CTRs for both Chicory Premium and Audiences and left nearly  9 million overall impressions. The total number of store visits was 1,122,983, and the cost per store visit was $0.04, which outperformed the third party study provider’s benchmark of $0.30.



CTR for Premium campaign


Total Walmart visits throughout campaign


Cost per store visit


The in-network avocado eater is not afraid to be creative with their food. They’re actively looking for different ways to to add flavor, while remaining healthy. They loved recipes like Avocado Egg Salad and Avocado Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps.