About Chicory

Chicory is a food tech innovation company based in New York City. As proprietors of the largest recipe network in the world, Chicory has introduced solutions that transform millions of online recipes into shoppable content and activate consumers along their path to purchase. Leading brands use Chicory’s solutions to engage consumers in new ways, grocers use Chicory to expand their digital footprint, recipe publishers work with Chicory to monetize their content, and consumers use Chicory to get recipes delivered to their doors. Sitting at the center of this online food ecosystem, Chicory uses data and insights to power content, eCommerce, and influence shopper habits like never before.

For more about Chicory and our solutions, visit chicory.co

About the Team

Like most startups, Chicory has a fast-paced environment. Employees all wear multiple hats and we iterate quickly as a company to continuously add value for our users and partners. We understand that time is precious and that it’s important to have a pragmatic attitude toward decision-making.

Our engineering culture is no different. We're a small team that manages a complex system of microservices. We put a strong emphasis on efficiency and encourage our engineers to explore, experiment with and apply new technologies when problem-solving.

About the Role

Chicory is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our ranks. The ideal candidate can handle full-stack development, but specifically has experience with large-scale software systems design. They should be able to design and implement systems that are efficient, flexible and scalable.

As an engineer at Chicory, you’ll build new and awesome grocery shopping experiences. You'll use Chicory's analytics architecture to measure the improvement your work has on millions of users. We strongly believe in adding incremental value, so your work will reach those users in a matter of days, if not hours, using our Continuous Deployment strategies.

As an early member of our team, you'll provide significant strategic and technical guidance. You'll help us solve some of the many technical challenges that still lie ahead, have a direct impact on shaping our engineering culture and will work alongside the rest of our team to lay out our company’s roadmap. The experience you will gain will be unique and unmatched.  

About the Technology

Our core product leverages cutting-edge technologies in the fields of machine learning, cloud computing, microservices and big data analytics. Our systems process 400+ million data points a month, in near real-time. We use a multitude of technologies and have a multitude of problems to solve. Here is a quick snapshot of the current arsenal:

  • Machine Learning / AI using SkLearn, NLTK, Numpy and Tensorflow

  • Primarily a Python/Django shop with some small traces of PHP and NodeJS.

  • Postgres, Memcached, ElasticSearch, Redshift, DynamoDB, Hadoop/Hive

  • AWS/OpsWorks/Chef, Google Cloud/Kubernetes/Docker, CircleCI, Jenkins, NewRelic

Skills and Qualities

  • Exposure to a wide range of various engineering disciplines.

  • Fast learner.

  • A balanced use of established technologies versus bleeding edge tools.

  • A courageous and creative approach to problem-solving.

  • Level-headed and pragmatic work style.

  • Attention to detail.

  • An interest in working at startups.


  • Competitive salary + stock options package

  • 401k plan

  • Comprehensive health, dental, and vision insurance

  • Commuter and gym discount benefit