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Food Blog Traffic Trends

Today I have a bunch of charts to share that I hope transform your blogging game. Or, at the very least, I hope you find them interesting. As Marketing Manager here at Chicory, I'm constantly checking on our blogger network to see how we're performing. I break our traffic down on an hourly basis to identify opportunities for optimizing Chicory performance across the 400+ publications where we appear.

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Tracking Your Blog Traffic with Custom URL Parameters

If you ask most marketers, they'll agree that a key component of successful marketing is "fishing where the fish are." If you're trying to catch a fish, wake up early and go out to the river. If you're trying to sell diapers, go after young moms. It's not rocket science, and yet nailing down exactly where your traffic and leads come from can be tricky business.

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Food Photography Tips Based on Our Most Highly Trafficked Recipes

In the words of food blogger extraordinaire, Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum, a great food photo should “pop off the page at people and inspire them to engage somehow with your content.” As a foodie and avid baker that relies on food blogs for recipes, I always gravitate towards pictures that I find that make me say “I NEED to try that now.”

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