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34 Essential Acronyms Every Digital Marketer Should Know

We digital advertisers love our acronyms. We use them constantly, whether in emails, over the phone, or (gasp) in-person. In fact, some people have it so bad that this acronym obsession has extended beyond digital advertising to just about anything someone says (I’m totally not talking about my roommate Jon).

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How to Get More Grocery Shoppers Online (And Boost Digital ROI)

It feels like every other day there's a new piece of literature describing the potential for growth with online grocery. Heck, here at Chicory we're betting on this ourselves. Hearing stats like, "around the world, more than a third of online shoppers expect to buy groceries over the Internet in 2016—34% vs. 21% in 2015—according to a new AlphaWise survey from Morgan Stanley Research," we can't help but get excited.

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