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Why Digital Advertising is Different for Food Brands

Having started Chicory, I have had the unique opportunity to brainstorm and talk with leaders from a variety of different companies. I get to work with publishers, retailers, advertisers and ad-technology companies. It has helped us to fully understand this landscape, get a sense of how it has changed over the past few years and, most importantly, understand how Chicory fits at the center of a few industries.

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La Croix: A CPG Cinderella Story

CPG food products that come to mind: go! We're willing to bet that almost every product that immediately came to mind fell under the umbrella of a few top companies. Whether Doritos or Oreos or Pepsi or Snickers, almost all major CPG food brands can be traced back to one parent company or another. Which is exactly why it's so exciting when an independent brand breaks through and becomes a top name in their vertical. Think Chobani, which changed the yogurt game in the past few years.

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