How to Talk To Your Readers About Chicory

Hey, bloggers! We know that you often look for ways to describe how Chicory works to your readers. After all, more readers clicking and ordering groceries means more earnings for you and your site! Many of you intuitively understand the product, but when it comes down to telling others, that can be tricky! We offer lots of different features that can take some time to discover. Below you'll find an outline of the basics and some answers to users' frequently asked questions. Feel free to link your readers to these explanations or borrow the language for your own blog. 

The Features

Depending on which site you're browsing the Chicory "button" can appear in a few different forms. On most blogs, look for our green "Get Ingredients" button. Occasionally the text can vary-- "Shop this Recipe," or "Order Ingredients." On some publishers' sites like and Food and Wine, you'll find a customized button in different colors, but the functions are the same!

Chicory get ingredients

Chicory automatically detects your zip code when you click, so we'll do our best to recommend the grocer that's best for your area. In some areas, up to three grocers are available, currently. As for products, we'll make the best product match possible based on the name of the ingredient listed. If there are two "oatmeals," say, that match well, then we'll default to the most cost-effective option. You have the option to swap out products using the "Change" feature.

Chicory Change Product Function

If you have selected a grocer during a recent, previous session, we'll store that so that it's automatically selected during a consequent session. You can change the grocer as well as your zip code if, perhaps, you're ordering to an address where you're not currently located.

Once you're ready to purchase your groceries, note that Chicory will move you to our grocers' checkout process. We don't actually deliver the groceries, but instead, you'll move, for example, to where Chicory will have pre-populated your cart for checkout.

The Grocers

Chicory currently provides three grocery store options, with more on the way soon! Peapod, the largest online grocer, was our first grocery partner. They are available in most Northwest and Midwest cities and metro areas and are a great choice for your typical grocery needs.

Chicory Grocery Integrations

We are also integrated with Amazon. While it might be tricky to use Amazon when shopping for fresh meats, fish, poultry, or produce, it's an incredible option for pantry items or hard-to-find ingredients. We find that this is a great option if you're cooking a recipe from one of our recipe partner sites that focuses on various world cuisines.

Our third grocery partner, Relay Foods, is available in and around various Virginia cities including the DC Metro Area. They prioritize healthy eating and offer lots of great local and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Because online grocery continues to grow, market-by-market, it's important for us to geolocate users in order to understand which grocers will deliver in a specific area. Hence the stress on zip codes, as mentioned above! Currently our grocers only operate in the continental United States. But stay tuned for new grocer announcements as we grow!

The Recipes

You can find a full list of our hundreds of recipe partners here. Visit their recipes to find Chicory, or follow us on social media for a selection of timely options (like turkeys on Thanksgiving!). 

You have the option to add different recipes to your cart during a browsing session--you can visit multiple Chicory-enabled sites to build your Chicory shopping list and we'll save each recipe you add, even if you move to a new recipe site. 

Chicory recipes

Note that if you add one "overnight oats" recipe to your cart and one "oatmeal cookies" recipe, Chicory won't add two packages of oats to your cart. Instead, we'll refer to the recipe ingredient lines and optimize your cart so that you have just enough of the product to complete your recipes. So, you'll receive one canister of Quaker Oats to use for both recipes.

Have additional questions not answered here, or want to request a new Chicory feature? Let us know in the comments or email! If you're a blogger or publisher who wants to use Chicory on your site, also feel free to email us or click "Get Cooking" below.

Photo via Times Live