Another month, another opportunity to take a look at our top recipes and trending ingredients! As usual, some seem totally obvious to us (heyaaa apple pie vodka, it's me, Fall), but others are total head scratchers (unprocessed oat bran...?). Take a look at what recipes and foods trended last month. Oh, and take a look at the August trends to see what kind of changes we saw during the last few months!

20 Ingredients with Biggest Growth

apple pie vodka

cherry chips

chocolate almond bark

chocolate fudge cake mix

gluten-free rice noodles

minestrone soup

stone ground mustard

frozen pound cake 

double chocolate chunk cookie mix

unprocessed oat bran 

grass-fed beef

tomato bouillon 

chocolate bark

pumpkin spice bread

pumpkin seed brittle

vegetable seasoning 

apple cinnamon granola

mini white chocolate Reese's cups

Reese's creamy peanut butter 

gluten-free all-purpose rice flour