As we've been beefing up our blog, which includes combing through lots of blog posts every day in order to find inspiration, we've stumbled across some pretty amazing resources. So, we've decided to put together a list of great articles for bloggers each week. These experts, bloggers and brands put together incredible content and, frankly, say things way better than we ever could! Take a look and check back next week for some more required reading.

Giving Google Better Photos

This post, written by the VP of Technology at Simply Recipes, lays out some killer advice for tidying up your post markup, including a real, tangible, way to update your photos for maximum Google impact. Have a read and, if you need a little more background, read our post on the topic.

5 Tips for Taking Moody Photos

We've mentioned before that we love the work by the duo at Probably This. The New Orleans-based food and lifestyle bloggers have built an incredible brand over the past few months. Last week they released their guide to taking moody photos and all of the ideas are most definitely ones that we can get behind!

The Pinterest Algorithm Change February 1 2016: What You Need to Know

For Profit Blogging laid out some interesting intel on the recent Pinterest change that sent lots of bloggers' traffic plummeting. Ultimately, they went back on one one of their tips--or, rather, amended it--a few days later. So definitely make sure to read both pieces in this two-parter, but don't panic; everyone's still figuring out what these Pinterest changes mean for traffic patterns.

The Only Way I Was Able to Clean My Greasy Oven Door

The title says it all. Big thanks to The Kitchn for reading my thoughts after a very messy weekend of pot roasting. Clean the inside of your oven once and for all with this guide!

Why You Won't Recognize Your Supermarket in 5 Years

Epicurious released a huge feature this week all about the future of our kitchens. We were particularly partial to their take on the future of supermarkets. Take a look--it's fascinating. And let us know what you think in the comments. We'd love to talk with you about how new shopper habits could affect food blogs in the next few years.

Photo via Your Story