Happy new year! With the year of avocado toast behind us and Sriracha madness finally winding down, we looked at the recipe and ingredient-level data following the holidays to predict the biggest trends to look out for in 2016.

A few food trends aren't going anywhere: everyone still loves experimenting with grains. Quinoa, farro, bulgar, and heritage rice varieties are a hit with bloggers and readers alike. Alternative milks continue to make an, er, splash on blogs as a smoothie additive or baking substitute. 

Also, dates--yes, the dried fruit your mom stuffed with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon in the 70's--have been climbing in popularity since April of 2015. We're not sure what to make of that, but if it means more date cakes, we're OK with it.

Check out what other trends we observed and check back every month for updates!