Over the holidays, I could not stop snapchatting, prompting my mom to keep asking what I was fiddling with. I showed her how it worked and even had her try out the unicorn rainbow-mouth filter to which she exclaimed, "I don't need another thing."

"Thing" meaning an account to manage and monitor. She signed up for Instagram just a few months ago and is just starting to think of it as something other than a chore.

That said, me and the rest of the team at Chicory are completely obsessed with Snapchat. For us, it falls somewhere between a text and a social media update. Snapchat basically serves as a one-on-one messaging service with doodles, making it way more fun than a traditional text/SMS. It can also be used to share an update with all of your followers with its story function. 

With no publicly displayed <3 or comment tally, there's less pressure to appear perfect and build your like count. Mundane daily tasks make perfect fodder for Snapchat, meaning that being successful on Snapchat equals letting your flaws show. Ask the teen power users in your life and they'll all agree: people go to Snapchat for silliness and unflattering selfies. (For more quantitative data, check out this recent infographic released by our friends at Newscred!)

With those thoughts in mind, we thought we'd share some of our favorite food blogger power user accounts and describe what they do so well. If you're thinking of joining Snapchat, or you're wondering how to do it better, take a queue from these accounts--and remember, with no way for your followers to click over to your blog on Snapchat, using the app is way more of an exercise in branding than in building traffic referrals, so let your true self shine!

Elise at Simply Recipes (simplyrecipes on Snapchat)

Elise Bauer is a food blogging master, but you knew that already. With some of the best, most reliable recipes on the internet, it's no wonder that she's got the kind of traffic that she does! Which makes her Snapchat even more fun, if you ask me. While Simply Recipes is pretty straightforward recipe blog with occasional storytelling, Elise's Snapchat account offers way more behind-the-scenes action than we've ever seen before. You'll see her at home in the kitchen, giving simple cooking tutorials, or on the road traveling to conferences. We love this glimpse at the life of a blogger who has let her recipes take center stage for so many years.

Nagi at Recipe Tin Eats (recipetineats on Snapchat)

Nagi is another blogger who has mastered the pageview game, but she's been a bit more forthcoming about her personal life in her posts. That said, her photography is the best in the business and I think we all aspire to reach her level of perfection with our pics. That's why her Snapchat is such a delight! Not only does Nagi take you through some of her shoots, step-by-step, but she also lifts back the curtain. A favorite recent moment of mine was when she commented, on camera, about how crazy it drove her that her garbage cans were in her Snapchat frame. Plus, her golden retriever makes frequent appearances. How refreshing it is to see such a down-to-Earth blogging superstar!

David Lebovitz (davidlebovitz on Snapchat)

Already feel like your life is an open book--er, blog? Then follow David Lebovitz's lead. The Paris-based blogger tells personal stories and anecdotes all the time, but his Snapchat just adds to the fun! If you feel like you can't get enough from his posts that go up once every few days, you can see his every move on Snapchat, from where he's traveling today to what he's eating for breakfast. Personally, the mundane, every day things are sometimes my favorite aspects of someone's life to snoop on!

Pauline at Living the Healthy Choice (paulinelthc on Snapchat)

Pauline posts stories rarely, but when she does, it really allows you to get into the psyche of a successful food blogger. I remember when she walked her viewers through a hazelnut cake recipe that she was making up on the spot. She thought out loud as she decided to forego one ingredient for another, or when she decided to top the cake with some chopped nuts. If you want more insights on how other food bloggers do it, this is a great account to follow.

Matt Armendariz (mattaphoto on Snapchat)

Matt rocks his food blog, Matt Bites, but in recent years he's earned himself a reputation for being one of the most sought after food photographers in the business. He's worked with Martha Stewart, Bon Appétit, Food + Wine and lots more. (He also wrote an incredible guide to food photography for bloggers in 2013.) Convinced of his fine pedigree yet? Good. Then follow him on Snapchat. He takes you behind the scenes of his latest cookbook shoots and also shares impossibly pretty coffee shots from his mornings in LA.

Do you use Snapchat? Why or why not? What's your username? Let us know in the comments so that we can grow and explore this new marketing channel together!

Photo via Money.CNN.com