Hey, Pinterest power users! As food bloggers, I know that you understand Pinterest's ins and outs better than anyone. I myself have learned so much from other bloggers by just sitting back and reading through Facebook threads on the topic. 

The thing is, Pinterest can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. For some bloggers, just pinning posts to a main blog board takes a concerted effort. For others, pinning upwards of 100 pins a day is second nature. Personally, I fall somewhere in the middle.

Either way, Pinterest optimization is a science. And mastering all the tricks are worth the investment. Take a look at top food blog Pinch of Yum's recent traffic and income report--over 20% of Linsday's traffic comes from Pinterest. For some bloggers in our network with whom we've discussed the topic, that number is upwards of 60%.

We could talk all day about Pinterest optimization, but today we focused on a checklist to follow right when you hit "publish" on a post. Some of these tips are a little bit more "backend," but will make all the difference!

Food Blogger Pinterest Checklist

Let us know your own tips in the comments. For more info on structuring your recipe data markup, check out this post by our VP of Engineering. Or, for lots more great Pinterest resources, we love Ahalogy's blog!

Photo via Neo Captive Blog